Petroleum and Chemical Companies

Organizations eligible to be Participants include any company that would be classified in the following industries except if such a company is owned by, or owns controlling interest in, a Contractor, or if such company is owned by or is controlled by a government.


  Oil & Gas Extraction. For example, Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Companies and Natural Gas Liquids Companies.
  Chemicals and Allied Products. For example, Plastics Materials and Synthetics , Industrial Organic Chemicals Companies, and Agricultural
  Chemicals Companies.
  All Petroleum Refining.



Includes, but is not limited to, any company that would be classified in the following industries.


  Oil and Gas Field Service. For Example, Oil and Gas Well Drillers, Oil and Gas Exploration Service Companies, Cementing Companies,
  and Drilling Mud Companies, etc.
  Construction. For example, General Building Contractors, Heavy Construction Contractors, and Specialty Trade Contractors.
  Durable Goods Manufacturer. For example, Stone, Clay and Glass Producers, Primary Metal Industries Fabricated Metal Producers,
  Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers, Electronic and other Electrical Equipment Manufacturers, and Transportation
  Equipment Manufacturers including shipbuilders, etc.
  Service Industries. For example, Business Services and Engineering and Management Services.
  Industry definitions are determined from the U.S. Government SIC/NAICS classification system. For additional information see Contact
  Information on the Home Page.
  A company that is engaged in research and engineering and is an affiliate of a petroleum or chemical company, and whose primary
  purpose is to provide internal support to the petroleum and chemical company and its affiliates, is not deemed to be a Contractor.



The work of the JIP is performed through a Data Consultant and a Technical Consultant. Data Consultant 


  Distributes survey questionnaires 
  Processes responses and prepares a Summary Report of Findings for each survey.   


Technical Consultant 

  Receives and reviews responses. 
  Communicates with contractors.

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