Quantity of data – industry’s widest source of data by type of projects, level of detail and location of projects.
  Quality of data – information directly from contractors project experiences. 
  Breadth of data – major contractors providing cost data to a single source.   
  Flexibility of data – provided to JIP Participants in formats which facilitate entering into internal systems; data
  available in detail or summary form. 
  A primary source of data or an independent check on internal and other external sources. 
  Fills data gaps – items or geographic – which internal sources cannot provide. 
  Single central effort reduces JIP Participant data collection costs. 
  Communicate historical industry cost trends and conditions within JIP Participant companies.  

For the Participants, the JIP has proven itself by standardizing the data collection process from a broader range of contractors than could be contacted individually. The program is a cost effective communications link with contractors. It provides a means of inputting data into Participants internal data systems. 

For contractors and fabricators, the JIP reduces the number of data requests received from petroleum and chemical companies. One survey questionnaire is received annually. In recognition of the time and effort involved in providing data, each contractor and fabricator receives a summary report of the findings of each survey. No information is ever included that permits identification of the source company. Respondents also are provided with a contact in each of the JIP Participant companies


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